The Process of Generating Bank Tube Staging

The first picture shows 2 of the workers attaching three generating bank tubes together for the crane to lift up in the air and lower them into the rear area of the drums for stabbing. Our guys are stabbing tubes in the rear and front of the boiler. …Read More

Fabrication of Vacuum Pans

Today’s posting is of our Vacuum Pan fabrication. The vacuum pans are currently located in our shop in Vacherie, La. Once completed they are off to their final location in White Castle, La. Contact our team at FSE Energy for all your boiler needs and let us see how we can help you! …Read More

Meet the Product Manager for our Boiler Tubing Division

Joseph “Joe” Wunder has been newly appointed as the Product Manager for our Boiler Tubing Division based out of Vacherie, La. With his knowledge and dedication to making sure our clients needs are met, Joe will make your experience with FSE Energy feel effortless.
One unique feature of FSE Energy is that not only do we design and manufacture our own boiler systems but we rehabilitate and maintain other vendor’s boiler systems. …Read More

Front Drum Machine and Fuel Chute Fabrication

The hard work continues at our shop in Vacherie, La with fabrication of a front drum machine and fuel chutes. Once completed, this will ship out to our project site located in Florida. Contact our team with any questions on what you see here or if you would like to chat about what else we can do for you! …Read More

FSE Energy’s Steward Committee Supports Flood Victims

Recent flooding in Louisiana damaged more than 5,000 homes and the effects of this were devastating. FSE Energy’s Steward Committee has decided to help two families who are near and dear to our heart in this time of need and we request your help! Imagine losing everything in your home. …Read More

FSE Energy Fabrication of a Continuous Vacuum Pan

This photo has been supplied by FSE Energy’s shop located in Vacherie, La.
Our crew is in the process of fabricating a continuous vacuum pan for a project we have located in Cora, Texas. If you are interested in learning more about FSE Energy’s services and would like to speak to someone directly, …Read More

18th Annual Electric Power Conference in New Orleans

FSE Energy is set to attend the 18th Annual Electric Power Conference held in New Orleans, LA, April 18th-21st.
The power generation industry is facing more change, at a faster pace, than ever before. As policies and technologies change, markets favor the proactive and informed. That’s why the ELECTRIC POWER Conference + Exhibition is so important. …Read More

Sugar Processing Research Institute Presentation

FSE Energy recently made a presentation at the Sugar Processing Research Institute annual conference in Walnut Creek, CA.  The presentation focused explicitly on the opportunity and challenge available with small combustion turbines fueled by natural gas.
Historically, low natural gas prices along with ever widening availability is presenting industries with historical high energy use the opportunity to lower the energy content of their final product, …Read More

Steam Drum Fabrication in Vacherie

Take a look at the below pictures of our steam drum fabricated and supplied by our team in Vacherie, La.These steam drums once completed will be shipped to our project located in Pahokee, Florida. Let us know what you think on our Facebook page. We would love to hear from you. …Read More

Making Progress on our Header Fabrication

We are so exciting to see the progress being made on our various header fabrication for a project we have located in Chile. As you can see below, we have a lot to offer. Browse through and let us know what you think. Our team is just a short call away and capabilities of FSE Energy are endless. …Read More