Fuel Metering Equipment

FSE Energy offers a variety of sophisticated products to meter fuel into boilers and furnaces, all of which can be customized to meet the exact needs, given the combustion style and fuel type for both new installations and retrofits to existing boiler systems.

Metering Bins

The FSE Energy metering bin product line offers the precise fuel control and fuel metering necessary for good combustion control and low emissions.

3-Drum Feeders

FSE Energy has leveraged 75 years of service to the sugar industry to develop a 3-Drum Feeder design which has been proven, through its over 30 installations, to greatly improve both overall boiler emission rates and efficiency.

Ram Feeders

For customers with reciprocating grate boilers, FSE Energy provides hydraulically actuated rectangular ram feeders to push fuel onto grates, which are fully customizable based on the customers specification.